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About us

At Mitchell Semsel Callen, PC, forensic accounting is not a sideline.  Our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with economic analyses in litigation contexts and service as expert witnesses in court.

We've represented thousands of clients in economic damages cases and we have the experience that you're looking for. We're always willing to work with you on our fees and services. We're simply here to help you.

As former partners at Campos & Stratis, we have over 90 years of combined experience in forensic accounting. Our team of financial professionals is dedicated to investigative accounting and financial impact analysis. We do not have a general accounting or tax practice. Our office is staffed with full-time forensic accountants, not reassigned auditors. This means clients are assured of the avoidance of actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Our clients are predominantly commercial property and liability insurance carriers, law firms and corporations. We have worked on thousands of cases for virtually every type of business, industry and coverage. Whether in the field, office, or courtroom, our vast experience as consultants and expert witnesses means fast, flexible, cost-effective service.

Give us a call. Drop us an email.  We’d love to put our experience to work for you. 

About Us
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What you can expect from us​

  • ​Depositions — Provide suggested areas of questioning for opposing experts 

  • Production of documents — Provide assistance with document requests 

  • Interrogatories — Assistance with follow-up interrogatories when documents produced are not self-explanatory 

  • Data management — Management and organization of huge databases to perform quantitative analyses that will assist counsel in making     effective qualitative analyses of that data 

  • Broad perspective in the analysis of damage claims 

  • Parallel causes — Being alert to other factors that may have contributed to damages 

  • Tenacity and motivation in ferreting out non-obvious significant data 

  • Translation of technical accounting and industry-specific terminology, business models and calculations into easily understandable language

  • Underlying assumptions — Make explicit the basis of the claim in the context of its industry 

  • Adversarial aplomb — Work effectively in situations and under pressures for which conventional accountants have little preparation 

  • Legal literacy — Be familiar with terms and procedures needed to meet client needs. 

  • Identify alternative measures of damages when appropriate 

  • Communication skills sufficient to be effective witnesses in presenting accounting results 

  • Tact and judgment in dealing with sensitive information 

  • Avoiding unnecessary “learning curve” costs by determining which areas of a claim really require in-depth analysis 

  • Thoroughness, competence, timeliness, cost-effectiveness